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Realizing the wide possibilities resulting from a simple fun project and advantages of high Proof-of-Stake (POS) system in the Cryptoworld; 1337, dubbed as the POS ‘Beast’ coin’, further push its experiment to its limit… Focusing toward the goal of achieving 1337 as a highly reputable coin with ever increasing demand yet with no shortage of supply… To prevent hyperinflation we need to take severe measures. 1337 started with an APR of 1337% per year, In April this was halved to 668.5% a year and after a few more halvings the last and final APR will be 13.37% a year

We invite you to embark with us in this strategic journey… Have fun, as our collective collaboration results in building the ‘GAME COIN of the CRYPTOWORLD’…

Are you ready?.. Therefore, let our collaboration begin!

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