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Cryptoforecast is an application based on an algorithm called PILLAR, developed entirely our Team composed by traders and developers, is able to forecast the future movement of BTC or other cryptourrencies.

Although nobody can really predict the future of the market, Cryptoforecast can give extremely precise indications about future movements giving a fundamental support for all the decisions that a trader has to take, doesn’t matter how important are the operations he does.

Cryptoforecast is a tool both for professional traders and amateur ones and finally for middle-long term investors, helping to identify the inversions of trend and ride them from the beginning.

This procedure without Cryptoforecast is always possible, but it becomes extremely difficult and can often induce the Trader, because of character traits, feelings and fears, mistakes that an algorithm cannot have. This application is truly innovative, it does not replace the analysis of the market made up of resistance, supports, oscillators and moving averages, it becomes a natural compendium.

Cryptoforecast can become the foundation of any predictive decision by anticipating the market. The forecast PILLAR algorithm is constantly evolution, being able to adapt to new markets and in different time frames for any type of trading and at the same time adapting to the characteristics of each Trader. After a year of work and strong results, we are aware that we have carried out a very important tool and now we offer it to anyone who wants to have a solid and reliable column on which to build their personal trading strategies.