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The main purpose of IMX is to be true longterm cryptocurrency. We all have one thing in common. And it is the Bitcoin and the technology behind it called Blockchain. Bitcoin already went mainstream and as a currency it still grows up. Problem is … The greater the BTC is. It is even more difficult to enforce change. For example changing the block size is current topic. It is necessary, but almost unattainable to achieve. Impact was created as a sollution for future. We are all crypto believers and IMX mission is to keep crypto alive even in the future. It is already year 2017. Algorith SHA256 is many years old and it will not take a long time to cract it.

One day. Algo SHA256 will be compromised and no bitcoins will be safe. We are already in the age of quantum computers. NSA have one and google also have one in their possession. It means power to crack bitcoin algo is already in existence.  Imagine a day when BTC security will be compromised and a panic that erupts. Impact is here to bring quantum resistant algo for survival of crypto for future.
Impact is no new BTC. IMX will be the most secured coin.