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From our vision to the world we live in, we should get ready to keep in touch with the modern monetary and financial technology. According to this progress, we decided that, our coming trade will be through KUC by merging our current company with the company that we will present later. So that, our clients in the world can buy our products through KUC.

At the beginning of 2017, we will sell the first oil barrel by KUC , in the middle of 2017, KUC will be used to charge and pay phone bills. KUC to our company, will be the only way to pay and buy , already we have got written agreements from many clients and companies from European countries. We use new strategy to attract the market and new clients and achieve much sales. We use a price little than others and we are considered KUC =10$ and we offered this offer to companies work with us and they agreed, specially the German companies, and we had much encouragement and agreement.

Name: Kuwaitcoin
Ticker: KUC
Address letter: K
RPC port 7394
P2P Port 7393
Algo: Scrypt
Block Time: 180 s
Min. Stake Age: 2 hours
Max. Stake Age: 20 days
POW: 15984375 KUC
POS: Unlimited 10% per annum