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SecureCoin is a fast and secure cryptographic digital currency based on Bitcoin. The specifications have been carefully chosen to maintain Bitcoin’s economic model. A single hashing algorithm poses a security risk because if it is compromised, the whole network is forever compromised. Multiple hashing algorithms enhance the security of the network by not only mitigating that risk, but also by adding an additional layer of complexity for any attacker to penetrate.

The aim of SecureCoin is to provide a secure, fast, and reliable network that is supported by active and involved developers. The coin was launched fairly with a staggered system and no coins mined before public launch.

Reward Per Block: 5
Time Between Blocks: Every 1 minute
Difficulty Retarget: 500 blocks. Difficulty can only move a maximum of 100% up, or 50% down.
Reward halves: Every 2.1 million blocks
Block confirmations: 40
Transaction Confirmations: 1. Meaning transactions take ~1 minute to fully confirm.
Total Coin Supply: 21 million
Algorithms: Grøstl, Skein, BLAKE, BLUE MIDNIGHT WISH, JH, SHA-3
GUI: Unique design and optimizations
Launch: Fair launch with ascending rewards
Pre-mine: None