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The smileycoin, SMLY, is used for rewarding students for their performance in the tutor-web learning environment.

The tutor-web system is a completely open and freely accessible educational system, with an emphasis on mathematics and statistics. This system has been tested in Europe and Africa, in high schools and universities. The Education-in-a-suitcase project uses the result from a successful fundraiser to get tablet computers with tutor-web based software and SMLY in the hands of low-income students in Kenya.

Currency name: SmileyCoin
Abbreviation: SMLY
Quantity: 50 billion
Algorithm: Scrypt
Time per block: 3 minutes (2400 blocks)
Block reward: 10 000 SMLY (halved after 7 years)
50% premine, used for student rewards
Annual reward targets: equal for students and miners

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