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SpreadCoin is a new cryptocurrency which is more decentralized than Bitcoin.
It prevents centralization of hashing power in pools, which is one of the main concerns of Bitcoin security.

SpreadCoin was fairly launched on 29 July 2014, 9:00 UTC with no premine.

Hash algorithm: SpreadX11
Total supply: 20 million
Block time: 1 minute
Block halving: Smoothly halved every 4 years
Initial block reward: 6.66 SPR
Port: 41678
RPC-Port: 41677

SpreadX11 is different from plain X11 by introducing a sophisticated pool prevention mechanism. With SpreadX11 every block header contains additional information (MinerSignature and hashWholeBlock).
With the help of this information the protocol ensures that the miner of a new block is always also the first one to know the content of the whole block and the private key to spend the coinbase transaction. (contrary to pool mining where the pool operator is the first one to know those things)

So when a miner finds a block, he must himself sign and transmit the block to the network (like solo mining), instead of having a pool handle this for him. This effectively prevents pools by making their rules non-enforceable, since any miner in any assumed pool can always just steal the block reward
instead of following the rules set up by the pool.

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