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Tagcoin is the world’s first universal worldwide rewards currency. You can earn it, spend it, transfer to your friends, use it to pay for goods and services or simply exchange for cash. It is totally decentralized.

For the technically minded, Tagcoin is a cryptocurrency, similar to Bitcoin – it is created using a cryptographic process by computers solving complex mathematical problems, with a creation limit of about 3,000 coins a day. You can transfer your Tagcoins instantly to any other person on the planet with a Tagcoin wallet. You could even create your own Tagcoins using the graphics card of your computer, you can earn it on Tagcash.com by buying products and services or sharing adverts with your friends, or even buy it on a crypto currency exchange such as btc38.com or within tagcash.com. If you have some Tagcoin already, you can hold it and earn 5% per year just by keeping your wallet open and online to the network.

Starting difficulty: 0.5
Pow/PoS hybrid (5% yearly interest, PoS blocks generated after 30 days of coin age)
Algorithm: Scrypt
Coins per block: 30
PoW Subsidy reduction: 1% every 3 months, minimum reward of 3 coins
Time between blocks: 4 minutes
Retarget: Every 2 hours, with a 25% limit in either direction
Network Port: 8623
RPC Port: 9624
Unlike other cryptocurrencies, TagCoin has a ready ecosystem that makes use of the coin. Tagcash is a digital wallet and rewards platform, with the following features and benefits:
Companies create communities and merchant accounts to promote and sell services and products.
Tagcash points are purchased by advertisers for cash, Bitcoin or Tagcoin
Adverts can be created and shared by members – who are rewarded when advertisers get the results they want.

Tagcash pays out in Tagcoin in exchange for points. Members can trade Tagcoin for Bitcoin or for cash on different exchange platforms (or hold and earn interest, or speculate on growth like stocks and shares).