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Whilst Donald Trump is campaigning to become President, the prime directive of Trump Coin is to be a campaign donation project. 200,000 Trump Coins have been set aside (Trump Fund) for this specific purpose. What this means is the higher the value Trump Coin becomes the more dollar value the Trump Campaign Fund becomes. Its really quite simple: The more Trump Coins sold the higher the coins value will increase. If we consider at one point the Ron Paul coin was valued at $10 per coin then those 200,000 Trump Coins could turn in to a substantial donation. If Donald Trump acknowledged the project then the value of a single Trump Coin could literally go ballistic. However, we cannot rely on this so therefor its up to us Trump Supporters to make sure we donate to his campaign helping to send him directly to the White House.

Example: You have allocated a $50 donation and you buy $50 of Trump Coins @ 5 cents each. A few days later the coin is valued @ 10 cents each. Your now in 100% profit. In a nutshell, not only can you donate your original intended amount to the campaign you can also profit from your original donation. What you do with your profits is up to you and of course you can donate all your proceeds to Trumps election campaign if you wished. However, we like the idea that theres something in it for you to. As Donald Trump says – he wants to make you all better off financially!

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