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*Note* YbCoin is a chinese based coin, and everything has been translated from there.

Gold coins, at the time of this writing we have two consecutive years maintained its position as China’s first digital currency, because the total market value, the price of a single currency, a number of ecological sophistication of view, gold coins have been China Digital universally recognized currency circle.

This is not a frivolous boast. From the total market capitalization, the total market value of gold coins on the authority digital currency Website Coinmarketcap ranking has been ranked China first digital currency. From single-currency price of view, gold coins had been reached stir hundred dollars or more, currently stable at 5 yuan up and down. From an ecological point of view sophistication, gold coins ecology includes exchanges, mobile wallet, mortgages, chain block browser, crowdfunding applications, payment applications, mineral pools, etc. comprehensive system.

Gold coins have been keeping up with the latest technological developments. Currently gold coins has been developed to the third generation, the second generation of gold coins which adjusted the POS interest recursion mechanism, the third generation of gold coins invented VPOW innovation mechanism. Both of which are domestic unique innovation.

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