POSWallet – Online Staking Wallet

POSWallet.com is an online wallet that will stake your coins for you, instead of having to run multiple wallets on your own rig. POSWallet currently supports over 100 different coins. When staking your coins with them, your coins are grouped with all other coins, which gives everyone a larger return. POSWallet also offers an exchange market for all the coins.

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Upcoming ICO: TaaS – Token As A Service


Official Website
ICO Starts: 03/27/2017

TaaS is a tokenized closed-end fund designed to reduce the risks and technical barriers of investing in the blockchain space. Built on a profit-sharing smart contract, TaaS introduces a revolutionary Token-as-a-Service business model, allowing investors to subscribe to the fund’s income stream. TaaS built an innovative Cryptographic Audit technology to become the first, truly transparent fund dedicated to cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Upcoming ICO: BOScoin – Self-evolving Cryptocurrency Platform for Trust Contracts

The official ICO logo of BOScoin

BOScoin aims to use the Owlchain technology which consists of the Web Ontology Language(OWL) and Timed Automata Language(TAL). This architecture is designed to expand expressive power while retaining decidability to support secure and precise execution of contracts. These Owlchain based contracts on the BOScoin blockchain are called Trust Contracts.

BOSCoin ICO starts on April 17th, 2017


Upcoming ICO: Lunyr – Decentralized World Knowledge Base

Lunyr Crowdsale logo“Lunyr is an Ethereum-based decentralized crowdsourced encyclopedia which rewards users with app tokens for peer-reviewing and contributing information. We aim to be the starting point of the internet for finding reliable, accurate information. Our long-term vision is to develop a knowledge base API that developers can use to create next generation decentralized applications in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and more.”

Crowdsale begins at MARCH 29, 2017 AT 16:00 UTC.

Lunyr ICO

Coinbase Adds Support for Ethereum

coinbase logo

Coinbase made a mark in Ethereum history today by becoming the first major company to to sell Ether by credit or debit card. Until now, most have only been able to buy Ether at Bitcoin exchanges. Coinbase has been one the biggest Bitcoin exchanges since it was founded in 2012.

This is also the next step of Coinbase’s rebranding into Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX).

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NEW ICO: HEAT Ledger – Third Generation Crypto Platform

Heat Ledger Logo

Official Website
ICO Ends: August 8th, 2016

H.E.A.T. Ledger stands for Heuristically Enhanced Asynchronous Transactions Ledger, embodying a completely new way of structuring cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer decentralized asset ledger. Optimized for speed and architected in enterprise friendly Java for custom private chains, HEAT slices the currently used blockchain database technology to modular components and readily provides flexibly scalable server side technology for corporate needs of any size.

For launching the HEAT cryptocurrency in September 2016, HEAT Ledger Ltd arranges Initial Coin Offering investment opportunity for the public.

The ICO will be open from Monday July 11th noon GMT (midday) through Monday, August 8th 23.59 GMT.

25 million HEAT tokens will be distributed to investors / stakeholders on pro rata basis.

If all 25 Million tokens are reserved prior to ICO end date, an additional stack of up to 5 Million HEAT can be released at the HEAT Team’s discretion at various outlets, for a price of approx. 0.00025 BTC each.

Heat Ledger Ltd will arrange Initial Public Offering of stock equity in late 2016. New company shares will be released to constitute 20% – 25% of total company equity, in order to raise between 500k to 1.5M EUR funding to further develop company operations. HEAT token holders will receive options that entitle for 50% minimum rebate from IPO share price.


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ICO Ending Soon – DECENT Platform – July 21st

Decent Software Logo

Official Website
ICO ENDS: June 21st, 2016

Decent’s ICO started on May 31st, 2016 and will be coming to an end on Thursday, June 21st, 2016.

Decentralized application
Eliminated third parties
Content distribution
Encrypted & secure
No borders
Timeless reputation

DECENT is a Decentralized Content Distribution Platform that is Open-Source and utilizes Blockchain to ensure security. Intended for creative people, authors, bloggers, publicists and their fans and followers it allows borderless publishing of any text, picture, video or music content. Intention of the project is to revolutionize Data Distribution on the Internet.  DECENT is acting as a resourceful and independent unit. It allows information sharing without any boundaries or restriction.

DCT is not just a cryptocurrency. Representing a fuel to the network it is a software tool which makes DECENT work. DCT holders will be able to trade the currency for other assets as other cryptocurrencies or digital content. Once the DECENT Platform is launched DCT will be available for trading or usage across the publishing and buying process on the Platform. DCT also serves as an anti-spam protection and reward for seeders/miners (or publishers in DECENT terminology).

The proceeds from the sale will be allocated and used in the following categories: Development and Operations, Legal Contingency, Marketing and Community outreach and Blockchain development to ensure worldwide adoption of decentralized approach to Digital Content Distribution.

Delivery of all tokens is 120 milllion.
20 million tokens are reserved for the bounty and the development team in the following proportions:
– 1 million tokens are reserved for ICO bounty.
– 4 million tokens are reserved for strategic partners and patrons
– 15 million chips held development team.

Check out their official website, decent.ch, for more information and to get involved in the ICO.

NEW ICO: Breakout – Ends July 24th

Breakout Coin Logo

Official Website
Breakout Wallets

Breakout Gaming launches Breakout Coin for their upcoming gaming website. Break’s crowdfund is being held at Bittrex. The crowdfund sale will end on July 24th, 2016.

Breakout Chain is a global payment system with minute transaction fees. It allows users to send money anywhere in the world instantly and directly to a recipient, without any middlemen. Carried on a single distributed ledger, known as a blockchain, exist several currencies with different uses.

At the heart of the Breakout Chain „Multicurrency” system is the currency Breakout Coin (ticker: BRK). It is the Breakout Chain currency designated for payments, issuances of colored coins, pegged currencies, and used to fuel our smart contract system.

One use case for Breakout Coin is planned by Breakout Gaming (www.breakoutenterprise.com), a company specializing in online gaming. To promote adoption of Breakout Coin, we will loan 7,000,000 BRK to Breakout Gaming in 35 monthly disbursements of 200,000 BRK each, at 0.5% yearly interest compounded quarterly.
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Upcoming ICO: Wings – Where DAO Unicorns Are Born

Wings Logo

Official Website
ICO: Estimated August 1st, 2016

Waves Platform is finishing their final touches on the Wings Whitepaper. When completed is when the ICO will launch, and will we give you more information on the Wings Platform as we get it.

DAO ownership tokens are secured by blockchain technologies and smart contracts. The control of the DAO remains in the hands of the owners. The core of the Wings platform is open source and the smart contracts, commits and advancement are visible on secure public ledgers such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

DAO owners are entitled to vote, according to their portion, on any new DAO submitted to the Wings platform. The decision which projects get listed are in the hands of the DAO community.

Wings brings the power back to project supporters. All backed projects are accessible using Web applications and IM bots. Back a project, create a vote or write a review – all without writing one line of code.

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ICO – Stratis – 6 Days Left For Bonus


Stratis Logo

Official Website
Ends 07/26/2016

Stratis is a flexible and powerful Blockchain Development Platform designed for the needs of real-world financial services businesses and other organisations that want to access the benefits of Blockchain technologies without the overheads inherent in running their own network infrastructure.

Stratis offers a turnkey solution that enables developers and businesses to develop, test and deploy blockchain-based applications quickly and easily, and without the costs and security concerns that would otherwise arise from an in-house implementation