ICO Started – OnPlace [OPC]

ICO Starts: June 6th, 2017
ICO Ends: July 6th, 2017
Official Website

OnPlace – is a global crowdinvesting platform with the possibility of investing in business projects with various degrees of risk and profit. There is an option of self-loading projects by the borrowers (with a system whichever more convenient — a choice of credit or partnership). The fundament of the platform is the ability for investors of any qualification level without serious analytical skills to invest in various projects generate returns. OnPlace working concept is a simple and secure online process which protects and empowers investors while helping businesses to grow and generate returns. The goal is to give investors access to private equity of formed and matured businesses, or startups, while providing businesses with crucial access to capital.

The geography of OnPlace includes: investors – individuals and companies from Russia, Europe, USA, and Asian region; Investment of the hosted projects is on the territory of Russian Federation. Subsequently will be entering Indian and Chinese markets. OnPlace selects investment proposals of the operating business in the sphere of services and production, as well as startups in IT and financial services that have high potential growth and monetization ability. A wide range of OnPlace tasks included: support and assistance of domestic companies to enter the world market, acquaintance of Russian investors with foreign startups, and the formation of an effective co-investment mechanism in the best and proven foreign projects.

OnPlace ICO

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